Hamlet or not

Les mirones

Dimecres 6 de març de 2019, 20 h, Teatre Principal d’Olot

Hamlet or not

Una oportunitat per veure a Olot una versió de Hamlet en llengua original. L’espectacle està pensat per a públic que tingui un nivell d’anglès aproximat de B2-First.

Hamlet is an enigmatic and mysterious play in which every character is an artist of simulation. Hamlet himself is someone in continuous transformation. He shows us that courtesy and reflection coexist next to passion, mockery, enigma or even the possibility of madness. The atmosphere at Elsinore castle is claustrophobic and hostile which is shown in solemn scenes with ironic twists, full of characters pressing Hamlet to revenge his father’s death.


Dramatization: Paco Mir
Stage direction: Pep Garcia-Pascual
Assistant direction: Carme Camacho
Costumes and scenery: Anna Rabés and Marta Escribà
Technician: Sergio Santafè
Cast: Lawrence Stanley, Joan Sureda, Laura Pau, Tasio Acezat and Ricard Serra-Pujol
Production: Les Mirones

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